3D product configurator for Shopify e-commerce

Build a future-proof online store with leading 3D and AR technologies.

Bring your brand closer to your customers by empowering an

immersive online shopping experience.

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3D Customization
Easily manage Shopify variants and custom options.
Augmented Reality
Bring the product in front of your customers, what they see is what they get.
What will 3D configurator bring to your consumers ?
Empower customers to explore a product immersively, discover, decide and purchase the features that matter most to them.
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  • Reach a buying decision faster
  • Select higher value options
  • Get a better understanding of what they are buying
  • Spend more time connecting with the brand
What Can be customized?
What problems can we solve for you?
3D Display
  • Suffer from a low conversion rate? Customized 3D product viewer in 360° panorama is the savior! Easy drag & drop for checking more details. Optimize your customer shopping experience with the exc`eptional add-on.
  • Online shoppers tend to be clueless about product size in real life. Augmented Reality is the best solution for this pain point. Real-time AR display allows them to acquire a competitive experience like walking into a physical shop.
3D Customization
  • What`s more fun than DIY? Customize the components of your products. Let your customers compare and pick the best selection of products in the 3D viewer. Considerably lower the risk of returns and complaints.
What do our customers say?
  • missaa

    I have used almost all the product customization applications on shopify, this is one of the best customization tools. For the high-end site selling custom products, it is the perfect complement to our Shopify site.

    We have been using this software for 1 month now, the software is fully functional and easy to use, we have only contacted them once in the past month and they solved the problem in a few hours, fantastic!

    Easy to use, clean interface, fair monthly subscriptions, very easy to get along with and kind staff, they helped me with all my needs and they listened to all the suggestions, really great staff! I really recommend this app!

    The support team is great. They are quick to answer, take the time to answer questions and help you for a long time until your problem is solved. Amazing experience so far and I can wholeheartedly recommend Paas3d.
  • Sotheby's

    Loads quickly, has great options, is easy to understand during setup, and frankly is groundbreaking in its speed and clarity. Highly recommended to boost your e-commerce capabilities and conversions!
  • Vicki Jean

    I asked for a few modifications while modeling, although our needs were very specific and they were implemented one by one. If you are looking for a custom application, then stop looking, you have found the best.
Why choose PaaS 3D?

Experienced in 3D modeling

Established in 2010, we have served 20+ industries, completed 300+ large projects and 100,000+ modeling jobs.

Qualified designers

Each of our designers go through extensive training and evaluation before starting to take over projects.

6*24 hours customer service

Based in Asia, North America and Europe, our customer service team are always ready to meet your needs wherever you and your business are, you can contact us via email, live chat or phone from all over the world.

Fast delivery with high quality

Our design team works around the clock and can deliver projects in 1 to 5 business days without any compromise on quality. We also guarantee an expedited service when you need it.

Easy to set up

Deeply integrated with Shopify, our app adapted to various store themes and very easy to get started. It only takes a few minutes to set up your 3D product configurator/customizer and connect to your store.

Affordable pricing

Our pricing is fair and reasonable. What you pay us is an investment that will bring immeasurable value to your business.