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Production and research base

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The VR Work Method Display is an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing the way the industrial research base conducts its operations. The project utilizes Virtual Reality technology to create an immersive and interactive display of the work methods used in various industrial processes.

This technology allows users to explore and understand the work methods in a more intuitive and engaging way, leading to more effective training and knowledge transfer.

Problem solving

  • By utilizing VR technology, training costs and development time can be greatly reduced.

  • Employees can experience potentially dangerous situations in a controlled virtual environment to enhance workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • VR work method demonstrations provide an interactive and intuitive way to comprehend and optimize work methods, thereby increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing waste.



The project is designed to improve the efficiency of the industrial research base by providing a more engaging and effective platform for learning and development. By using VR technology, the project aims to reduce the learning curve for new employees and increase the overall productivity of the research base.

Results show

Paas3D provides a one-stop VR sales system solution for enterprises and the public segment.

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A one-stop enterprise digital twin solution provider based on 3D and AR technologies to help enterprises and businesses with their digital transformation.

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