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Paas3D for Virtual exhibition

Virtual exhibition

Retail organizations use our acclaimed cloud hosting platform to quickly respond to market demands and to keep their customers engaged. Get our free datasheet to learn more

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Efficient and flexible

Online cloud exhibiting has many benefits, including low cost, broad reaching, flexibility, and the ability to customize it to your specific needs.

Increase in mobile conversions for FREITAG

Multimedia showcasing

The virtual cloud exhibition platform enables participants to showcase products using multimedia content, including videos, images, and 3D models, reaching a wider audience and generating more leads.

Reduction in hosting costs for Burst

Interactive cloud events

Online cloud exhibitions offer interactive features such as chat, live streaming, and virtual tours, providing an engaging experience for attendees.

Sometimes losing your head is good thing

Showcase your product or service globally with a Virtual Exhibition

Create a virtual exhibit that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection through our online cloud exhibit platform and can showcase your product or service to a global audience without hassle!

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Program advantages

Low cost

Low cost

Hosting an online cloud exhibition can significantly reduce costs compared to traditional in-person exhibitions. Expenses like event space rental, labor costs, material production, and operation and maintenance management costs are eliminated. Additionally, online cloud exhibitions can be used multiple times, making them a cost-effective solution for showcasing products or services.

Broader area

Broader area

Online cloud exhibitions have the advantage of eliminating space limitations present in offline exhibitions, allowing for global display and promotion. With one-click sharing, exhibitors can reach a larger target audience regardless of geographical and temporal constraints, making it an ideal platform for showcasing their products or services.

 Easy to share

Easy to share

Relying on strong 5G technical support, a good network terminal can better show the effect, more conducive to the publicity of the exhibition, can solve the problem of watching the exhibition of customers merchants or tourists and other countries, geographical information level varies.

Advanced visual experience

Advanced visual experience

Experience the most advanced visual technologies in the exhibition hall, including 3D panoramic roaming, real panoramic display, digital sandbox, 3D virtual reality, 5GVR live streaming and other cutting-edge interactive technologies.

Case study

Four reasons to build your ecommerce site with a modern PaaS

Exhibition of works by Xu Beihong

Athletic eyewear retailer SportRx hits peak performance with Paas3D

Exhibition name:
One Flower, One World

Another new notmal: record-breaking 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday volumes

Exhibition Organizer:
ZhiZheng International

Paas3D provides a one-stop virtual exhibition solution for enterprises and the public segment.

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A one-stop enterprise digital twin solution provider based on 3D and AR technologies to help enterprises and businesses with their digital transformation.

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